Tasman metals Ltd with its Swedish subsidiary, Tasman metals AB, recently published a technical report for their planned REE mine, in Norra Kärr, where they currently have mining concession. The next step the company needs to take, is the process to finalize the Environmental impact description report, before they can start mining and processing the rare earth metals from the crushed bedrock. Tasmans technical report shows that they plan an open pit mining operation, where the mining and milling activity, will cover an area of 10 square kilometers, in a very sensitive area.
Lake Vättern is a unique clear water lake comparable with fresh drinking water in our mountain lakes and the protests among inhabitants and politicians are growing.
Lake Vättern is nutrientpoor which makes it susceptible to pollution from fertilizer, metals and environmental toxins.
The long turnover time (60years) of the lake makes it very vulnerable to contaminations and the effects of emissions are longlasting.
There are strong reasons to be worried about the negative impact of mining on water quality, since Vättern is the most important drinking water source in Sweden!

Do not jeopardize our drinking water!!